West Brom 0-0 Southampton (12.09.2015) Live Commentary

We have been watching a lacklustre game with only a few moments to stir the crowds. The players surely have higher capabilities, they just needed to motivate themselves to a better performance. The control of the game belonged to the visitors. The home team’s main weapon were fast counter-attacks, while the away side attempted to hold onto the ball for as long as possible.
That’s all for today because the game is over.
Graziano Pelle (Southampton) is caught offside!
Southampton keep possession of the ball by producing short passes, waiting to open the opposition’s defence to hit them swiftly on the break.
James McClean (West Brom) looks to break free, but an opposing player clears.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) collects a pass and finds himself in a good position to strike from the edge of the box, but his attempt is blocked.
We will have 4 min. of added time.
An offensive foul by Claudio Yacob (West Brom) was seen by Stuart Attwell who didn’t hesitate to blow the whistle.
Excellent touch by Graziano Pelle (Southampton)! He latches on to an inch-perfect pass deep into the box and unleashes a low drive towards the middle of the goal. The goalkeeper has done it superbly and makes a save.
Maya Yoshida (Southampton) sends a cross into the box that is cleared.
Jonny Evans is being substituted because of an injury. Tony Pulis sends Jonas Olsson (West Brom) on the pitch.
Steven Davis (Southampton) produces a quality pass into the box, the opposition’s defence intercepts the ball and spanks it away.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) receives a sweet pass inside the box, but his effort on goal is blocked by the defender.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) sends a cross into the box. However, the opponent’s defence eliminates the danger by clearing the ball out.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) commits a foul after unfairly battling his opponent for the ball.
Chris Brunt (West Brom) is literally asking for a yellow card with his behaviour. The referee agrees and books him.
A clumsy foul by Chris Brunt (West Brom) and Stuart Attwell blows the whistle.
Saido Berahino (West Brom) goes on a mazy run and tries his luck with a mid-range strike, but one of the defending players steps in and makes a block.
Steven Davis (Southampton) swings in a cross, but the ball is cleared to safety by one of the defending players.
It’s time for a substitution. That is the last involvement from Cedric Soares, and he is replaced by Maya Yoshida (Southampton).
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) sends a low pass from outside the box to James Ward-Prowse. He lines up a shot, but the defence intercepts at the last moment.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) latches on to a lofted pass and strikes the ball! His attempt flies narrowly wide of the right post.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) slips past one challenge, but is unable to feed a low pass into the path of his teammates.
Matt Targett (Southampton) with a teasing cross into the area, but Boaz Myhill (West Brom) intercepts the ball.
Graziano Pellè (Southampton) seems to be alright and is okay to carry on.
Graziano Pelle (Southampton) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) found some space to dink a cross from the side into the box, but it would have to be more precise to threaten the opponent.
A substitution has been made. Jay Rodriguez goes off and Sadio Mane (Southampton) comes on.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) receives a precise pass on the edge of the box and shoots. His poorly placed shot flies way wide of the left post.
Excellent touch by James Ward-Prowse (Southampton)! He latches on to a precious pass on the edge of the box but produces a miskick that goes high above the bar. Poor effort.
Steven Davis (Southampton) tries to find Jay Rodriguez, but he put too much power on that pass.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) should calm his temper, this was too much! He robbed the opponent of the ball, but Stuart Attwell calls for a foul.
Chris Brunt (West Brom) sends a long crossfield pass, searching for one of his teammates, but his effort comes to nothing as they lose possession.
It’s time for a substitution. James McClean (West Brom) comes on in place of Callum McManaman.
Callum McManaman (West Brom) probably spotted that the goalkeeper is off his line, but he misdirects his long-range shot as it goes a few yards wide of the right post.
Craig Gardner (West Brom) sends in the corner, but he fails to find the head of any of his teamamtes, and the the defence makes a clearance.
Callum McManaman (West Brom) goes on a weaving run through the defence and gets within shooting range but his effort is blocked. The ball goes out-of-play. West Brom have been awarded a corner kick.
Attempted cross from Steven Davis (Southampton) is cleared.
Darren Fletcher (West Brom) produces a cross from the resulting free kick far from the goal, but there’s no one to really attack the ball and the goalkeeper gathers easily.
A player from Southampton pulled an opponent down, making the referee blow the whistle.
An unsuccessful cross into the box by Claudio Yacob (West Brom). The opponent’s defence clears the ball away to safety.
Tony Pulis has decided to introduce fresh legs, with Saido Berahino (West Brom) replacing Rickie Lambert.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) has a big opportunity! He finds some space for a shot inside the penalty box after collecting a lofted pass and sends the ball narrowly over the crossbar.
Boaz Myhill makes a brilliant save! Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) weaves easily through the defence and unleashes a shot from just outside of the box. His effort goes towards the bottom left corner but it is denied by the mentioned goalkeeper!
Steven Davis (Southampton) sends the ball into the box from the side of the pitch, but his cross is blocked.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) takes the corner but only sends it into the huddle of the defenders as one of them makes a good clearance.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) looks to break free, but an opposing player clears. Southampton force a corner. They send men into the box.
Matt Targett (Southampton) sends a cross into the box, but Boaz Myhill comes off his line to gather the ball.
Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton) attempts to find one of his teammates with a fine lofted pass, but the defence reacts well to intercept the effort. The ball is out-of-play. Southampton will take a throw-in.
Dusan Tadić (Southampton) fails to pick a body out in the box with a over-hit chip pass.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) steps up to take the corner, but the ball sails only among the defenders.
Graziano Pelle (Southampton) aims a lovely cross into the penalty area. Nevertheless, the opponent’s defence is alert and averts the danger with a brilliant clearance. Southampton will take a corner kick.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge.
Everything is ready for the beginning of the second half, so the match is about to get going again.
Up to now the match has suffered in terms of attractiveness. Let’s hope and wish for a better continuation. The game is quite balanced. The home side relies on getting in chances mostly with counter-attacking, the opposite to the away team whom makes a lot of passes and attempts to maintain possession.
The end of the first half.
Fourth official shows 2 min. of added time.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) is adjudged offside.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) looks to break free, but his touch lets him down and loses the ball.
The resulting set piece from Southampton is comfortably intercepted by one of the defending players.
A fine lofted pass into the box, sent by , is intercepted by the opposition’s defence. The referee signals for a corner kick, Southampton are awarded.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) slaloms his way past challenges, but an opposing player does well to get the ball away.
Dusan Tadić (Southampton) fires the ball on goal, but his attempt goes well wide of the left post.
Chris Brunt (West Brom) flights in the cross, but the defender is alert and clears to safety.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) sends a quick through ball into space for his teammate, who is lurking on the offside border, but one of the defenders intercepts and clears the danger.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) in a great chance! He climbs highest deep in the penalty box and strikes with a powerful header towards the net. Next time he should aim better. His effort ends wide of the right post.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) gets on the end of a pass and takes a shot from the edge of the box, but it’s blocked by one of the defending players.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) picks up the ball, dribbles to the edge of the penalty area and unleashes a brilliant low shot to the middle of the goal, but is thwarted by a decent save from Boaz Myhill (West Brom).
Southampton are showcasing great team work and neat passing move.
An accurate cross finds its way to Craig Dawson (West Brom) who hits the ball with a bullet header from just outside the box. The goalkeeper saves the ball flying to the middle of the target.
Craig Gardner (West Brom) sends the corner into the box, but Maarten Stekelenburg (Southampton) intercepts it and averts the threat.
Chris Brunt (West Brom) sends a lofted cross into the penalty area. Unfortunately for him, the opponent’s defence deals with his cross comfortably and intercepts it. The main referee and his assistant both point at the corner flag. West Brom will have an opportunity to endanger the opposition’s goal.
Craig Gardner (West Brom) gets on the end of a pass on the edge of the box and has a shot blocked.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) with a slide tackle, but referee Stuart Attwell calls for a foul.
Gareth McAuley (West Brom) connects with the corner but his looping header goes well over.
The assistant referee points to the corner flag, West Brom are going to take it.
Callum McManaman (West Brom) crosses into the box from near the side line, but he doesn’t hit it as he wanted, and it’s averted by the well-organized defence.
Long pass, produced by Victor Wanyama (Southampton), missed precision to reach his teammates.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) takes the resulting corner which is averted.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) sends a beautiful cross into the penalty area. The opposition’s defence manages to clear the ball to safety. The ball is out-of-play. Southampton have been awarded a corner kick.
Chris Brunt (West Brom) makes a foul. At least that’s what referee Stuart Attwell signals.
The resulting corner from Dusan Tadic (Southampton) is unsuccessful.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) sends a pass into the box, but his attempt is thwarted and cleared. Southampton have a corner.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) attempts to send a cross in order to find one of his teammates. The opposition’s defence averts the danger by intercepting the effort.
Rickie Lambert (West Brom) attempts to whip in a crossfield pass, the defence does well to intercept the ball.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out. The main referee and his assistant both signal a throw-in for West Brom.
Good defending. Jose Rondon (West Brom) tries to find Rickie Lambert inside the box, but the pass is cut out.
Callum McManaman (West Brom) makes a driving run into the box but he cannot work any space for a shot.
The ball is cleared after Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) attempted to dribble past an opposing player.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) produces a cross into the box. The opposition’s defence clears the ball to safety.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) is offside and the linesman raises his flag.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) finds himself in a promising position after receiving a precise pass. He pulls the trigger but hits only one of the opponents who got in the trajectory of his effort.
Craig Gardner (West Brom) with the corner, but it is intercepted by the defender.
Jose Rondon (West Brom) whips the ball into the penalty area, but one of the defenders is alert and spanks it away. The main referee points to the corner flag, West Brom will take a corner.
Craig Dawson (West Brom) dinks a cross into the box as he attempts to find one of his teammates, but the defence manages to make a clearance. The assistant referee signals a throw-in for West Brom.
Matt Targett (Southampton) commits a foul after making a slide tackle on his opponent, but he escapes without punishment from the referee.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) whips the ball in, but it can’t reach any of his teammates as the opposition’s defence averts the threat.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to Boaz Myhill, who smothers the ball.
The Southampton players are exchanging short passes in an attempt to create a shooting opportunity.
Cedric Soares (Southampton) is moving again okay after that injury scare.
requires medical treatment, so the referee stops play and signals for the physio to come onto the pitch.
The match has just begun.
The players are on the pitch and West Brom will have the kick-off.
Stuart Attwell was nominated as a referee for this game.
The starting XIs were already announced and you can go through them in the Lineups section.
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Welcome to our live text coverage. We will try to provide you with a detailed image of what’s happening on the pitch. There are only few moments left to the beginning of the match.
H2H matches: 28.2.2015 – 0:1, 23.8.2014 – 0:0.
West Brom have completed big transfer and they have signed Jonny Evans (Manchester United), Anders Lindegaard (Manchester United).